The benefits of underfloor heating

Sometimes known as radiant heating, underfloor heating is often considered to be a luxurious feature, and is now a popular trend in new housing. Whilst there’s no denying that this method of heating is one of the cosiest ways to keep toasty - the question remains if it’s totally worth the extra cost and bother? Or are you better sticking to traditional radiators to warm your home? Before you write underfloor heating off as an extravagant luxury, we’ve rounded up a list of the top benefits to help you decide on whether it’s for you.

1. An energy-efficient solution

There are two different types of radiant heating – water-based systems and electric. Both of these provide heat from the floor upwards, creating a constant, warm temperature. Warm water-based systems run hot water through underfloor pipes to generate heat, whilst electric underfloor heating uses wiring beneath the floor to create warmth.

Traditional radiators typically need to be heated to a temperature between 65-75 degrees Celsius in order to heat up a room effectively, whereas underfloor heating only needs to run at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or less (depending on the type of floor). This means that this type of heating consumes much less energy and keeps your energy bills pretty low in cost.

Furthermore, traditional radiators simply heat the air nearest them first, which is why rooms heated by radiators are susceptible to ‘cold spots’, meaning that the air can feel cold in the middle of the room and very hot next to the radiators. This can often lead to you feeling you need to open a window above the radiator to bring some fresh air in – letting all of that energy paid to warm up the house escape out of the house! Floor heating provides warmth from the ground up throughout the room, without any cold spots or stuffiness in the area being heated.

2. Design freedom and spatially smart

Underfloor heating also allows you to enjoy your entire whole room without any unsightly radiators on the walls. Even the most modern radiators take up your much-needed space, so just think of the design freedom you could have with heated floors… This would allow you to decorate each wall exactly how you wish, either by making a statement or simply achieving a minimalistic look.

3. Easy to run

Once installed, underfloor heating needs hardly any maintenance whatsoever and comes with a lifetime guarantee for your total peace of mind. Your heating controllers will make sure that your heating runs in the most efficient way, either automatically with a Smart WiFi Thermostat, or, if you wish, with a controlled thermostat that can be set to whatever your time preferences are.

4. Works with all floor coverings

Contrary to belief, underfloor heating does not limit you in terms of what type of flooring you can have around your home. You’re still free to choose whatever floor type you want, as the heating works well with the likes of laminate, wood, tiles, carpet, stone and more.

5. Simple to install

Some people may be put off underfloor heating as they’re worried about how difficult it is to install, however, this process is much easier than you’d think. If you’re planning a building or renovation project, consider making this part of your plan. Many underfloor heating systems are easily rolled out and stuck down – plus there’s the added cleaning convenience of keeping your rooms dust-free without the nooks and crannies of radiators. With a team of professional installers – such as our people here at Crosby Heating and Gas – installation is the least of your worries, as we take care of the entire process for you.

6. Safety and comfort

With radiant heating you’ll no longer need to fret about hot surfaces or sharp edges of radiators when younger family members or pets are about. The heating system is safely tucked out of the way and will never get too hot to the touch. Underfloor heating is also much better for the air quality in your room, as it keeps the air fresh and oxygenated without your room becoming stuffy. Oh, and you’ll never need to bleed your radiators again!

Here at Crosby Heating and Gas, we’re experts when it comes to designing, installing and maintaining underfloor heating systems and can help you with all aspects of your project from start to finish. Our significant experience means that we can get your project completed quickly and effectively, causing minimum disruption. We have over 25 years of experience working on specialist heating jobs and will assess your work and provide you with a no-obligation, cost-effective quote.

So if you think underfloor heating sounds like the perfect home solution for you, get in touch with one of our team today.