Conserving energy in your home during lockdown – our top tips

During these strange and unprecedented times, it seems we’ve all had to change the way we live our lives, and reevaluate the things that are truly important to us. One thing that’s essential for so many at the moment is the ability to save money wherever possible – especially when it comes to our household bills, which are set to surge due to the thousands of people now having to work from home, not to mention with the children being off school too. Many of you may now find yourself with a full house of people, day in day out, which naturally means a spike in the amount of energy we’ll be expending on a daily basis.

You may not realise it, but there are actually a number of nifty ways for you to conserve energy within the family home, even during lockdown. Here are our top five tips for keeping these costs down during this testing time.

1) Consider a switch

Our first point is perhaps the most obvious one, and we’re sure you’ve seen the many adverts imploring you to consider switching. Well, that’s because it works! According to OFGEM, 60% of energy customers have never switched their energy providers before. So if you’ve been with your provider a while it’s likely that you’re on a higher rate. Getting a quote takes hardly any time at all but could save you a lot of money. Take a look today.

 2) Are you paying smartly?

One thing we bet you’ve not considered is the amount of money you could save simply from changing your monthly payments method. Many don’t realise it, but it’s possible to save even more money if you pay by direct debit, as opposed to cash or cheque payments. Another option is to manage all of your payments online, which is something you can look in to with your provider. By not paying via either of these methods, you could also be missing out on bonuses on your tariff too – as current Ofgem rules limit these perks to direct debit and online payments only. Definitely one to think about.

3) Take control of your heating

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to hear that, for the majority of homes in the UK, major energy savings start with your heating bills. In fact, simply heating the physical space in your home accounts for over two-thirds of the overall energy used in most UK households. The best and most effective way of taking control of your heating bills starts with first protecting your home from preventable heat loss. Good quality insulation is the ideal long term way to lower heating bills – but if you’re a renter or can’t pay for more insulation, there are three main ways you can also bring costs down. These are:

  • Lowering your thermostat, even if it’s just by one degree. Every degree helps, so give it a try.
  • Timing your heating activity sensibly. This means checking that your heating is never on when you’re asleep or at work. Look into setting automatic timers if needed.
  • Heating each room differently. By simply turning off that radiator in the spare room your family never makes use of, you can make a saving. Only heat where you live!

4.  Dispell those draughts

Another totally foolproof way to conserve your energy is to reduce heat loss through draught-proofing. This method is also super low cost, so even if you’re a renter, you won’t begrudge paying out a small one-off payment for a long term extra saving. Leaky windows, doors, loft hatches, pipework or lose joints are just some of the top culprits when it comes to draughty areas around the home. Luckily, all of these can all be easily fixed up using draught excluders, sealant tape or expanding foam. Simply search for areas you can feel a draught (ideally on a breezy day) and get to work!

In terms of cost-saving, draught-proofing might not save you hundreds of pounds, but it will certainly improve the general comfort of your home. Also, the act of simply sealing old floorboards and adding a rug to a large room can really make all the difference when it comes to conserving heat.

5.  Stop ‘standing by’

Standby electricity isn’t the biggest part of your utility bill, but it’s certainly costing you unnecessary cash somewhere along the line if you’re a family who’s guilty of ‘sleeping’ your devices, rather than turning them off fully. Get into the habit of turning off any entertainment systems properly after you’re done with them, particularly before bed. This includes your TV sets, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and computers. If switching these things off at the wall isn’t handy then consider trying a wall timer that can turn them all off at once.

So there you have it, our top five tips to keep energy bills as low as possible during the lockdown period and beyond! Here at Crosby Gas, due to the social distancing policies in place due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we’re currently unable to attend many of our home installation appointments and face-to-face customer consultations  – but that doesn’t stop us wanting to do our best by our customers during these difficult times. That’s why we’ll be offering up tips and advice when it comes to your gas and energy needs –so keep an eye out for our future blogs.

If you have any specific enquiries then you can still contact our team and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay safe.