Heating your commercial office space smartly

When it comes to renting or purchasing a new office space, there’s a lot to bear in mind. Insurance queries, making sure your building is secure, deciding on and purchasing new furniture – these are all of the things that immediately spring to mind. What you may not immediately think about is how you plan on heating your new space, and this can sometimes be a lot trickier than expected.

Office heating can be particularly difficult to get right. Quite often office blocks are built with thin walls that offer minimal insulation – and with an increasing number of businesses opting for open-plan design office spaces, you may have a substantial space to heat in order to make it a comfortable working environment for your staff. Heating your office can also become quite costly, usually due to the following factors:

  1. Space size – Commercial buildings are often larger than domestic ones, sometimes needing multiple heating systems that inevitably bump up the costs
  2. Functionality – A commercial building will likely have a variety of different spaces, rooms and facilities (i.e. staff kitchen, workshops, meeting rooms, and storage cupboards) all of which will require different heating needs
  3. Multiple occupants – It’s much easier to heat a domestic space for a family of three than it is to regulate the temperature of an open-plan office filled with 100 people, each with their own temperature preferences

You may think that all of this makes commercial heating solutions seem formidable, not to mention expensive. Luckily here at Crosby Heating and Gas, we’re on hand with some pointers that will help you to make the most of your heating and use it as efficiently as you can…

It’s all about timing

Never underestimate the power of timers! These will ensure that you’re never heating your premises unnecessarily. It sounds obvious, but if your building is empty during the evenings or weekends, be sure to program your timers to switch off all unused appliances to save you the maximum amount of money. However, don’t forget that areas of cold storage, such as fridges and freezers, must remain on at all times.

Seal the deal

Did you know that up to 15% of energy lost from buildings escapes through gaps in windows and doors? This adds to up to 15% of the money you spend on heating simply going straight out of the door! Especially in the colder months, keep windows and doors shut to prevent any heat from escaping. It’s also important to seal over any draughts in windows and doors in order to make your office space as heat-efficient as possible. Whilst simply turning up the heating when you feel a draft can seem logical, it actually makes far more financial sense to find the source of the problem and seal it over for good.?

Be consistent

Using a thermostat will ensure a constant temperature in your office space, meaning you won’t have to crank the temperature up and down throughout the day. When it comes to heating, people can often get a little impatient to feel toasty, and will immediately put the temperature on at its highest. Inevitably, things then get too hot and on comes the air conditioning to even things out… All of this chopping and changing amounts to a whole lot of wastefulness, and can lead to needlessly high bills. Picking a reasonable temperature and sticking with it is the best way to approach your office heating needs, and ensure everyone is comfortable throughout the day.

Smart division

Identify which rooms or areas in your building are used less frequently than others and consider that it might not be worth paying to heat them all year-round. People often wrongly assume that it’s cheaper and more efficient to keep your heating at a constant low temperature 24/7. However, this is actually a wasteful approach, especially when there are multiple rooms that are never in use. You may have to consider installing multiple heating systems for your office space, as one alone might not be enough to cover all of your needs and areas. Whilst this may initially feel like an extra expense – long term, the savings you could potentially make can make this a worthwhile option.

So there you have it – our top tips on being savvy when it comes to heating your commercial space. For more information on our commercial or domestic heating services, contact us today on 0151 208 5458, or drop us an email at .

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